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This is the first edition of developer diaries, and it will tell us a little about the project Soldiers: Arena. What it is, in fact, and why it is.


  • Early Access and release. The Early Access version of Soldiers: Arena is scheduled for in Q1 2016 with the full release scheduled for Q3 2016. However, the second date may change, and this is not least, depends on you, because the amount of changes and the scope of work will become fully clear only after the start of Early Access and collection of your wishes and long process of testing.
  • Multiplayer VS Single. Soldiers: Arena - is a multiplayer project without a singleplayer mode, so no campaigns. The most important aspects of it are - balance, gameplay and a variety of combat tactics. All of these is difficult to test with only the hands of developers, and even in a closed alpha test, which is sheduled to begin in January. So it really comes down to the support by the community.
  • Paid VS F2P. We are thinking on distribution the game in a F2P model, in order to make it as accessible as possible to everyone. This means implementation of micro-transactions, global progress for the player, perks, special units, etc. It is a new experience for us all, so every step we take is a cautious one. At the same time, we do not want to remove the issue of increasing the popularity of the project from the agenda. Maybe, we will dwell on the option with the cheap version of the game with an element of micro-transactions, in the form of optional purchases, which will be implemented through the mechanism of Steam’s inventory items.


  • Updated and simplified context-oriented interface, the same user-friendly and intuitive for both seasoned players (who have a lot of experience with similar games) and new players.
  • New FrontEnd (due to the fact that we have new features: automatically connecting and switching for modes, global chat on Steam platform, Unicode support, etc.). In addition to basic modes we want to tie the automatic creation of a session with the selection of players, therefore the question of changing the interface become even more important.
  • The updated engine uses a new graphics technologies. A complete list can be found here.
  • New textures and models. Now we are changing all models of infantry and necessary part of the surroundings and environment models (we can’t replace all, because it will take too much time). Also there are a lot of vehicles in the game, so we will be releasing updated models, as the game gains popularity. We are also discussing the option of a high-quality models that are built from the ground up for later use in Outfront. For us it is a perfectly acceptable option (as many of you have noticed, "Panther" in the video is the model from Outfront).
  • All the special effects in the game are replaced by new, more detailed and qualitative ones. Within the the alpha test, we want to see the reaction of customers and their wishes, and then bring the quality of special effects to a level close to the reality.
  • New animations for infantry. At the moment, we have replaced some of the critical, in our view, groups of animations. In addition, seasoned players asked us to make animations for infantry in the hideouts, for positions in windows, near the guns, machine guns, etc., so that models do not look too static. We ourselves have long planned to do this, but faced the technical limitations of the game engine. But this will not stop us from tackling this problem. If we can find a solution, the behavior of the infantry will be even more realistic than it already is.
  • Focus on the rating battles.
  • AutoJoin for players.
  • New mp game mode Battlefront. In the "Men of War" was very unpleasant moment - the game was absolute disloyal to new players. A player from the start was flooded with huge amounts of information about the features of modes, funds accumulation, purchasing of units, hints for the effective game, visibility, shooting through the fragile objects and more. It was very difficult at once to understand all of this.  Some were lucky enough to find a skilled player, who would guide them through the basics, but a huge number of newcomers left “Men of War’s” multiplayer, because they could not adapt to the game. This mode is meant as a soft introduction for players into the multiplayer battles. Allies, managed by AI, will fight on the each team’s side, which simplifies the exploration and identification of enemy infiltrators, and in addition, minimizes effectiveness of using some advanced tactics, by using which "grandfathers" in every way humiliated newcomers. This mode is fun and truly epic.

To summarize, we can say that Soldiers: Arena - is not Outfront. This is an independent project for which we have high expectations. We went back to GEM2, when we saw that potential of this game engine has not yet been fully revealed. And we wanted to implement the ideas, that we have left with the end of the development of Men of War, when we started to develop the Nuclear Union. Moreover, gaining experience in the development on GEM3, we saw a real prospects to bring GEM2 to a whole new level. And at the same time had an opportunity to realize many of our and your ideas.

As for the Outfront the development goes according to the plan, but there is still a lot of work. The gameplaycore just formed, so the active phase of content development (models, maps, modes), have not yet reached.

Thank you all, and stay with us, because we still have a lot of tasty things! Grab our diaries every Thursday. And ask your questions by post (to let us know what do you want to read about in future diaries). Please tell a friend about this upcoming title, it is greatly appreciated!

Have a nice day!

Link to the Soldiers: Arena page in Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/app/421010


0 # Gra Soldiers Heroes of World War 2AamR 2016-10-22 20:02
Mam tę gre już pare długich lat mnóstwo modów w kture grałem więc pytam czy można by było zrobić rimejk tej gry z lepszą grafiką i nowymi mapami oraz multi pleayerem najbardziej podobała mi się walka czołgami i pojazdami
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0 # Richard Williams - Award Winning Video Game/Film/Soundtrack ComposerRichard Williams 2017-05-29 23:47
**** Could you please forward this to the person in charge of Audio/Sound production? Thanks! ****

     How are you? I enjoyed hearing the music on your Soldiers: Arena trailer.  Let me introduce myself if I may:
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     I have interned with Sam Cardon, one of Blizzard's composers on World of Warcraft, and recently finished writing 40 epic trailer and EDM songs for the Music Shop Inc library located in London.
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     In addition I've written music for Youtube stars "Dark Pixel", "Jacob+Katie Schwarz" and “Devinsupertramp" which have gained over 5 million views.

    I'd be excited to know if you have any upcoming music needs that I can be of assistance.  I also offer a custom demo to see if it would be a good fit for your project, whether you need interactive music layers associated with various stages of gameplay, or just single tracks.  I’d love to work together with you to provide quality music that can enhance the whole video game experience.  Thank you for your consideration.


(Correlating links)
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