Release date:
IV 2014
Best Way
1C Company

"Eceryone knows that half a century ago the viscious forces of America attacked our Motherland in attempt to destroy the world centre of communism. They used nuclear weapons, but the Union was ready for that and did what we have always done, survived.

We launched a massive counteracttack, leveled all their cities and saved our people, evacuating them to special bunker network. It’s 50 years later, 2012, and our glorious capital city, Pobedograd (Victory City), is a beacon of hope. It’s time to go outside again brothers and sisters, time to see what has become with our Motherland and her proud cities and towns. Grab a weapon and join us!"

Nuclear Union is a large-scale post-apocalyptic role playing game which takes place on the territory of devastated Soviet Union after the world war. There will be a main goal, but you are free to explore the world and there are various ways to accomplish the main goal and additional quests. The game will be shown from the third perspective.

You will have to face mutated monstrosities and bizarre anomalies. If the situation gets too hard, you can turn on special action pause mode to look around and make the right decision in battle. Don't forget to grab a weapon(there will be many to choose from, including tripe-barreled sub-machine gun), recruit a mercenary or ask a friend to follow you before coming up to surface!

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