Year 1941. The Italian army meets a run of bad luck in the war for domination over North Africa. Realizing the weakness of his forces in the face of the English Mussolini restrains his ambition and appeals to Hitler for help. The just raised African Corps under the command of the lieutenant-general Erwin Rommel is sent to the Black Continent to support the Italians...

During the fight for African colonies, the freakish fortune changed its minions not once. Cities passed through the hands of sometimes one side, sometimes another. Fierce battles did not reveal either winners or beaten, but the tolls were enormous. Generals of the confronting armies showed off their knowledge of military science to each other, while rank and file shed their blood under the strange sun.
MOW_ger Playing on the side of German troops the player will participate in the mighty landing operation, which went down in history as 'Mercury' operation, and in storming the fortified city of Tobruk. Playing on the side of the allies he will have to make the Germans retreat to Tunis – straight towards their ruin.
menofwar_demo2 The Soviet campaign sees two student comrades, Smirnov and Kuznetzov, join the army and quickly become brothers in arms as they rise through the ranks and experience the rigours of war. The whole story unfolds across three campaigns, with five German and five Allied misssions completing the trilogy, each telling a different story of WWII spanning across Russia, North Africa, Ukraine, Greece, Germany.
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