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330Are you tired of watching the enemy seizing all the points at once while you do not have any time to do anything? Initiative is an extremely important thing, the one, who controls it, usually wins the game. What is it shown in?

The sooner you seize defense points and entrench yourself there the more difficult and expensive it will cost for the enemy to dislodge you from there.  The more territory is under your control the more space for your materiel maneuvers you have. In addition, it is more difficult for your enemy to use his materiel. Use transport to convey your infantry. A motor vehicle is a mean of elite infantry conveyance. Armored troop carriers for 9 -10 infantrymen are the mean of cannon-fodder conveyance, at that they can be used several times (after having the infantry conveyed return the carrier with the driver only to the re-spawning; after 3-4 tours it may be refueled). In this way you may save heaps of money. It will not be out of place to board several infantrymen on a tank, running towards the front, either.

What is it necessary for?

  • A crowd of running infantry is an ideal target for enemy's artillery.
  • The sooner your infantry gets to the positions the less time the enemy will have for taking decisions.
  • A tired infantryman is almost half a corpse.
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