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153The first thing, worth remembering, is 'play with infantry'! Everything rest, whether it is a heavy tank, a cannon or reconnaissance, is only created for supporting and protecting this very infantry in every possible way.

Without the infantry, all of them are simply useless: the tank will be knocked out, the cannons will be blown up, the scouts will be killed.

About high-explosive shells.
As soon as I started playing "Men of War" (a prior name for the world version of the game), there arose a question: how can I destroy German heavy tanks, playing for the USSR "Panthers" are not punched by shots at the front with armor-piercing shells from any type of guns. As it turned out, the easiest way is to use heavy high-explosive shells (100 mm and bigger), at that the first shell is shot at the caterpillar-track, then we draw off as far as possible and begin shooting till final victory (usually it takes 5 – 15 high-explosive shells, so get ready for ammunition supply beforehand).

At first, I was slightly surprised by the entire uselessness of the 'Tiger' tank, which greatly yields to 'Panther' in armouring and effectiveness of armour-piercing shells. Yet, as soon as I placed it far enough from every possible threat and made it fire with high-explosive shells at infantry, I changed my opinion: no 'Panther' can so efficiently destroy crowds of infantry, it is short of high-explosive shell power! In addition, it is not so easy to pierce 80 mm side armour, even if any medium tank takes in the rear. And that sometimes rescues the situation too.

About infantry
When I just started playing, I persistently made my infantry run to the wing and take various fortifications. At that, most of my infantrymen were simply wiped out without doing anything. By the trial method I discovered that an attack on hands and knees in the deployed formation is much more effective, especially if you use the infantry with rifles:

  • first, that way the riflemen become MUCH more accurate;
  • second, it is more difficult to notice them;
  • third, the total survival among the infantry will grow greatly (it is more difficult to hit an infantryman, and the efficiency of high-explosive shells declines greatly).

Artillery transportation
Artillery is conveniently transported by different vehicles, such as jeeps, trucks, easy wheeled and half-caterpillar armoured materiel. The main thing at transportation is not to bring a cannon to its emplacement, but to uncouple it a bit before in order to reduce the probability of its disclosure (otherwise one high-explosive shell can destroy both the vehicle and the cannon). The bushes in the cannon inventory should be better placed a bit before the cannon, but not under it immediately, as many players do.

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