The German military machine strained its every nerve to defend the territory of the Third Reich against the soviet and allied armies. But during 11 months the German resistance was crushed at all the fronts and the war came to the end there, where it had started – in Berlin.
A player is given an opportunity of choosing one of the three belligerents – the USSR, Germany and the Allies. Each part has two sets of missions – in some one has to play for ordinary soldiers, in others – for elite forces.
The main acting unit in the game is a detachment. The detachment commander is marked with yellow, his privates – with green. One may draft other soldiers, including allies into his detachment. Every soldier, every materiel unit has its own inventory in the game; and that is one more peculiarity of the game-play in 'Faces of War'. Soldiers' specialization is various: riflemen, tommy-gunners, machine gunners, officers, snipers, flamethrower men, antitank forces, field medical men, tank men, sailors, rangers, engineers.
The realistic system of damages is another peculiarity of the game. Not only thickness of materiel armor plates is taken into consideration but the number of hits at the same place, as well. At that the dynamics of damages is seen by the naked eye: from cracks to a large shell-hole and complete destruction by an explosion. In addition, there is realized ballistic calculation of bullets and shells trajectories.
A player is granted a vast choice of means of enemy destruction: tommy-guns, machine-guns, grenade-guns, cannons, jeeps, tanks, antiaircraft emplacements, armoured cars and many others. All these models are made according to the detail drawings of real military equipment.

The outward world is remarkable for its high interactivity, there are complex hierarchical multicomponent objects of the game world with an opportunity of consecutive destruction of any objects. There was developed a high-precision system of visibility, which takes into account windows, wall breaks, bushes and others. All these and also dynamic landscape modification with explosion holes and breaking ice allow using efficiently the environment for conducting military operations. A powerful system of shelters determination allows to calculate the tactics on many steps forward.

The game scenario was made up with participation of a science fiction writer Alexander Zorich.

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