menofwar_10Men of War is one of the Best PC Games of 2009 according to GameShark!

What would our Best PC Game list be without some sort of wargame? Men of War may have a terribly generic name but it's also one of the best PC games of the year...
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181This week Steam is offering the Men of War series of games for 66% off! This includes both Men of War, and the single-player expansion Men of War: Red Tide. The two games can be purchased together or separately, so if you've been waiting to pick up one or both of these titles at a bargain, don't miss out on this great Midweek Madness deal!
Visit the Steam webpage here for details.

Men-of-War-Gold-EditionMen of War Gold Edition has shipped to North American retail outlets. Men of War Gold Edition includes both the critically acclaimed RTS Men of War and the exciting stand-alone expansion Men of War: Red Tide.

menofwar_demo1Single-player demo for the World War II strategy title Men of War is now available for download from It gives a first taste of the epic campaign coming to gamers when the title is released on PC.


The demo features the entire opening stage of the Russian campaign, which sees a small unit from the Red Army taking on the might of the Germans. This initial mission helps players to come to grips with the controls before culminating in a tightly fought battle between a Russian tank and a convoy of German vehicles.

menofwar_mpOn February 9, with the support of the site, the open multiplayer demo-version of Men of war is starting!


In the demo-version there will be represented:

menofwar_japanThe multiplayer beta "Men of War" is deblocked. It's the very time to remember about the key of the beta-testing participant (or to get it on the company forum in the special theme) and to continue the acquaintance with the game multiplayer.

The russian demo-version of the tactical strategy Men of War is now available for free download.

In the demo-version there is represented the mission "Mercury", opening the German campaign of the game. It reconstructs the first large strategic landing operation of Germany during the World War II; the operation was aimed to destruction of the British garrison on the island of Crete and taking control of the Mediterranean.

Best Way Company continues publishing video-manuals on the new game «Men of War», which will enlarge the famous series of military-historical thriller-games.This time your attention is drawn to multiplayer battles!

menofwar_lesson_2Best Way and 1C Company continue publishing video-manuals on the new game "Men of War", which will enlarge the famous series of military-historical thriller-games.

menofwar_lesson_1 Best Way starts publication of a whole series of small video-lessons "Men of War". Our purpose is to show the main elements of the game process and tactical possibilities of the game.

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