"1C and Men Of War men Best Way are making a post-apocalyptic RPG called Nuclear Union. This is basically party-based STALKER/Metro in the Men Of War engine..." 

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Dear friends, thank you for taking interest in the game. We have the official FAQ posted. We will be constantly updating it.

Please be patient and we'll do our best to promptly answer all your questions. Stay tuned!

Where exactly does Nuclear Union take place - under- or above the ground? Will we see any anomalies and monsters in the game? Do you plan to have a moral choice system throughout the game?

Answers for these and other questions can be found in official FAQ on the web site www.nuclearunion.com

Eceryone knows that half a century ago the viscious forces of America attacked our Motherland in attempt to destroy the world centre of communism. They used nuclear weapons, but the Union was ready for that and did what we have always done, survived.

We launched a massive counteracttack, leveled all their cities and saved our people, evacuating them to special bunker network. It’s 50 years later, 2012, and our glorious capital city, Pobedograd (Victory City), is a beacon of hope. It’s time to go outside again brothers and sisters, time to see what has become with our Motherland and her proud cities and towns. Grab a weapon and join us!

To read more about the project follow the link www.nuclearunion.com

"1C and Best Way reveal an intriguing new RPG...From the minimal amount of information available right now, Nuclear Union certainly looks like it has potential..."

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Dear players! The last two days, when you enter the game, system says "Enter the channel is by invitation only". The reasons for this error are being investigated. Please be patient.

Ignore the message, which offer to buy invitations. These messages are sent by fraudsters.

Found a solution:
login to mp - create game immediately - start game immediately - wait 20-30sec - cancel game - go back to mp lobby - error didnt shown anymore.

Sincerely, The BW team

Men_of_War_Queen_of_War Best Way informs that for russian-speaking community on the base of well-known game Men of War with support from Best Way and DMS is running a series of mini tournaments. The winners will recieve the exclusive beta testers accounts of new add-one Men of War: Assault Squad. The qualifying games passed and now begins a truly brutal battles for the first place.
You can follow the tournament on the link , as well in this thread all the information of the tournament will be updated.

330The free-to-play offer for Men of War will end on the 29th May and all free keys will be locked from that day on. If you wish to keep your game achievements you can contact us and unlock your free-to-play key with exchange of an original MoW cd-key here

1C Company and Best Way announce a special offer dedicated to 65th anniversary of the Victory Day.

Starting from May 11 through May 23, 2010 anyone can download Men of War game client free-of-charge, receive a temporary access key and take part in online battles in all multiplayer modes available.
The Men of War free multiplayer client is available here (1.9 Gb). The temporary access key can be received using the following mail form here

menofwar_pach11751C Company and Best Way announced today that Men of War official patch version 1.17.5 is available for download in two variants: full patch (includes all previous patches) and cut patch (upgrades version 1.11.3 to 1.17.5).

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