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Best Way team plans to revive the successful series of strategic games, (known earlier under the brand names "Soldiers\Faces of War\Men of War") and bring them to a new level.

Best Way will launch the Soldiers: Arena project on Steam Early Access in December 2015, and it will combine the best traditions of “Soldiers:Heroes of WWII/Men of War” series-multiplayer with new features and graphics.

Soldiers: Arena uses the well-known game engine Gem2, on it’s newest version, which has full Steam support, cross-platform adaptation (Windows/Linux/SteamOS/OSX), support for high-resolution displays, and a conceptually new user interface. Moreover, the developers have an improved feedback system between the game and the player, which makes the traditional mechanics more accessible to a wider audience.

Best Way asks all supporters to back our initiative and join in on the development process at the stage of Steam Early Access, which will start in December 2015..

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