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MOW_rusAs you maybe expected, this week we are featuring the Soviet campaign story and the 2 main characters who have both their own fate but common aim.

The Russian Campaign will show us the war through the eyes of two Russian soldiers: Kuznetsov and Smirnov, who are friends since their childhood and went to the front where they were destined to become brothers in arms. Their first battle was their baptism of fire. For a day or two there occurred striking changes in their personality. Each of them realized that a war was not only brilliant feats, every boy was dreaming of. A war is an arduous toil, sodden through with smoke, blood and bitterness of losses.
Their unit suffered heavy casualties and was sent to Rostov for reinforcements. That day they took their most valuable – their memories of the lost comrades and their first 'smell of powder' – with them from the battlefield... In Rostov their courses of life separated. One of them was destined to be a regiment commander, the other one – a scout. Victor Smirnov was burdened with large-scale operations exclusively: an urgent evacuation of a plant, the defence of the area near Moscow, the battle for Sevastopol. Alexey Kuznetsov is engaged in diversionary activity at the rear of the enemy. Different fates but common aim: to defend their Motherland and to survive.

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