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menofwar_mpOn February 9, with the support of the site, the open multiplayer demo-version of Men of war is starting!


In the demo-version there will be represented:

  • 4 nations: the USSR, Germany, the USA and Great Britain
  • 4 multiplayer modes: 'Seizing Flags', ' Banner of Victory', 'Battle', 'Combat: Free game'
  • variety of models of materiel, light weapon, kinds of infantry
  • 9 multiplayer maps
  • 2 dedicated servers
  • great possibilities for the flight of tactical ideas and strategic planning of a battle
  • great deal of positive emotions from the play with true rivals!

In order to learn the demo-version you may get keys on the site, as well!

The full game will be released exclusively on PC by Aspyr Media and 505 Games under the 1C Label this spring.


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