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Best Way has begun to assist indie developers with their projects from conception to release, that are based on the GEM2 engine. This was born after the successful release of the indie project ‘Battle of Empires: 1914-1918’,by the young and creative ‘Great War Team’. Projects such as BoE require funding, which Bestway provided - to enable this project to make it to release. We have therefore opened the "Publishing" section on our site, where you can read about the games that have already been published, those which are in development, and games going through the Greenlight process.  

All projects which Best Way consider promising will be exhibited on the Steam community - Greenlight, for the gaming community to vote on the most interesting and promising games, and get them "Greenlit" (approved for steam publishing.) it’s your time to help the young and creative! Please support us, and the indie developers!

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