Best Way team plans to revive the successful series of strategic games, (known earlier under the brand names "Soldiers\Faces of War\Men of War") and bring them to a new level.

Best Way will launch the Soldiers: Arena project on Steam Early Access in December 2015, and it will combine the best traditions of “Soldiers:Heroes of WWII/Men of War” series-multiplayer with new features and graphics.

Soldiers: Arena uses the well-known game engine Gem2, on it’s newest version, which has full Steam support, cross-platform adaptation (Windows/Linux/SteamOS/OSX), support for high-resolution displays, and a conceptually new user interface. Moreover, the developers have an improved feedback system between the game and the player, which makes the traditional mechanics more accessible to a wider audience.

Best Way asks all supporters to back our initiative and join in on the development process at the stage of Steam Early Access, which will start in December 2015..

Follow the news on the website or join our groups on social networks:

Best Way has begun to assist indie developers with their projects from conception to release, that are based on the GEM2 engine. This was born after the successful release of the indie project ‘Battle of Empires: 1914-1918’,by the young and creative ‘Great War Team’. Projects such as BoE require funding, which Bestway provided - to enable this project to make it to release. We have therefore opened the "Publishing" section on our site, where you can read about the games that have already been published, those which are in development, and games going through the Greenlight process.  

All projects which Best Way consider promising will be exhibited on the Steam community - Greenlight, for the gaming community to vote on the most interesting and promising games, and get them "Greenlit" (approved for steam publishing.) it’s your time to help the young and creative! Please support us, and the indie developers!


The Party wishes you Happy Holidays and sends you this postcard!

Another great year has come to an end. For all the Soviet people this was a year full of hard and creative work, and we have managed to achieved significant results.
Comrades, we stand for the rights of the working class all over the world. Together we will overcome all the radioactive difficulties and will build a bright future for everyone!

Have a great one,
Nuclear Union Development Team

Check out official website for lots of new info!

If you are eager to get eeven more information, join our official facebook group "Nuclear Union", take a look at Official FAQ thread, ask any questions and during next two weeks we will be considering all questions of group followers. Moreover, you can follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts - it is likely to be that your question will be answered throughly very soon.

Today we are presenting you a set of screenshots 1C Company was showing to the press at the GamesCom Games Expo in Cologne, Germany.

A group of garrison Komsomol members (young communists) made a secret fortified HQ in the debris of a former department store. The fortifications are highly important for the lads since they have to constantly repel the attacks of the local bandits who are considered to be the controlling party of the area.

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Today we are publishing the third part of FAQ. Read it attentively! It may be your question that we have given answer to!

A brand new interview done by Jim Rossignol from RockPaperShotgun and it has three new exclusive screenshots! 

Will our hero be followed by companions, will it be possible to take a look on the battlefield from bird's-eye view, what will the combat system look like? Question stream coming from gamers willing to know about new postapocalyptic game Nuclear Union is endless. That means we continue publiching answers on official game site, which provides you with FAQ secton with second part of this amusing reading.

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